Jo Hewitt alleges all of the following:

Ombudsman Office Another Expensive Farce

Years ago, the Ombudsman's Office was set up, complete with Ombudsman' Act.

This is not to say it worked in accordance with its own act.

Apparently it did not. Apparently it was just another farce in a corrupt government.

Probably in response to the growing knowledge that the NSW Ombudsman's Office was another idle figment generated to give the impression that it served the public interest, but did not, NSW government's response to the unveiling of its embedded corruption was to simply generate another idle, corrupt department - ICAC.

About a decade ago when Irene Moss was Ombudsman she buried all the reports of HealthQuest's fake retirement certificates under her mantle . Her reward from Bob Carr was that he promoted her to sit on top of the Premier's Office and Ombudsman's Office sister corruption centre - ICAC.

Over a decade ago Val Kerrison contacted the Ombudsman's office about the above, and other stuff in the article "HealthQuesting Val Kerrison" which now has over a thousand reads. As the years went by and Val kept trying the Ombudsman repeatedly wrote to her saying that she had already told it all about the HealthQuesting atrocity, telling her that it would not even reply to her. Val has those letters on file.

The public have noticed, and the WhistleBlowers Documents Exposed site shows:

Since then, if the Ombudsman's public funds averaged $10,000,000 per year, that would be over $100,000,000 wasted on a department which, self-confessed, that it does not work for the public/whistleblowers.

According to the documents underpinning Val Kerrison's case the Ombudsman's office, snuggled up to the Premier's Office has been idle/corrupt/incompetent through Barbour, Watson, Wheeler, Moss etc for around four thousand weeks.

Not a bad holiday is it?

The solution? Sack Iemma. Sue Carr etc. Vote the (ir)responsible politicians out of office and ban them permanently from holding public office.