Recent and current actions
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2008 June WhistleBlowers' Documents Exposed (WBDE) Human Rights and Ethics Panels again contacted organisations administering the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC).

They again sent material, and again requested assistance and intervention in Australia for our burgeoning number of persecuted whistleblowers.

Letters were sent to Transparency International (Australia), United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC Vienna) and Transparency International Global (Berlin) as follow-up to previous communications,and again requesting assistance for Australian whistleblowers .

2007 Jul 16 WBDE Human Rights and Ethics Panels lobby Transparency International both in Australia and Berlin to seeking assistance for Australian whistleblowers, and ask United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), watchdog for UNCAC, :
  1. Instigate all steps needed to efficiently and effectively force Australia to address and rectify its past and present persecution of whistleblowers; and
  2. install real protection for future whistleblowers; and
  3. Initiate asset recovery from the corrupt officers who have been instrumental or complicit in persecuting whistleblowers in Australia
2007 Mar 15 WBDE Panels measured apparent widespread corruption by Australia government. Despite Australia being a signatory to 2003 United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), corruption appears rife. WBDE Human Rights and Ethics took our complaints about Australian corruption to the United Nations watchdog for UNCAC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). WBDE measured cost of persecuting 1 whistleblower. WBDE notified State and Federal politicians and attached the complaint sent to UNODC.
2006 Nov 16 Affidavit by Pene Loza and supporting material    -    [Appointment];   [Work Record];   [TAFE and State Super];   [HealthQuest's "Retirement Certificate" to TAFE],   [HealthQuest's letter to Loza]   re HealthQuest.
Pene's experiences similar to Val Kerrison's and Qu'ach Nhung
2006 Nov 16 Val Kerrison reported five (5) years ago to DPP and Police on HealthQuest "Retirement Certificates".
Link to Letter from Police 24 Oct 2001 [PDF - 115k]   
Link to Reply 2001 Oct 31 [PDF - 1600k]  or [DOC - 70k]
2006 Nov 9 Publishing just a few of the hundreds of refusals to act by apparently corrupt gov departments and ministers. Letters to Val Kerrison from departments etc. Iemma. Carr. Willmott. Ramsey. Watson. Barbour. Moss. Debus. Debnam.Brogden. Wilkins, etc)   Dec '95,    Jan'98,   Apr'98,   Jul'98,   Sep'98,   Premier-Oct'98,    AO-Oct'98,    Jan'99,    Mar'99,    Oct'00,   constituting malice.   Repeated refusals to perform their public service duties and address wrongdoing. Public servants treating laws, justice, citizens and whistleblowers such as Kerrison, Crewdson etc with contempt. Huge cost to the Public's purse.
2006 Aug "Overview and Individual Actions Which Successfully Assisted WhistleBlower Teacher to Overcome HealthQuest's Two (2) years of Stone-Walling - Refusing to 'Allow' her to Teach"
[ More ]
2006 Jul Measuring some of the cost of public officer's failure to act adequately and in the public interest.


2006 Mar 6 Letter from WBDE to Mr Stepan Kerkyasharian, AntiDiscrimination Board. Responsibility to advise government including Industrial Relations Comm (judges Walton, Wright, Staunton, Staff), and Crown Sol's Office (Knight, Salpeter, Brus, Kenzie, Menzies) etc on discrimination. IRC imposing/condoning detriment of forced retirement on Val Kerrison. Public entitled to capable public servants. (See also: ex debito justitiae application.)
2006 Jan 25

No reply from addressees: Judges Lance Wright, Michael Walton, Staunton, Staff and Crown Sol Knight I.V.

No part of the report [PDF 139k; ZIP 26k] or application [PDF 86k; ZIP 34k] has been disputed by the 'justice' deliverers, yet all continue to be funded by our public purse.

2006 Jan 8 Application to Industrial Relations Judges Lance Wright, Michael Walton, Patricia Staunton, Conrad Staff and Crown Solicitor Ian Knight for ex debito justitiae. The public's right to question the judiciary and the right to justice. [PDF 86k; ZIP 34k]
2005 Dec 28 Report by WhistleBlowers' Documents Exposed (WBDE) Procedural Fairness Natural Justice giving more details on their judgements of documents formulated unjustly, without procedural fairness or natural justice in Mrs Val Kerrison's long-going case. [PDF 139k; ZIP 26k]
2005 Nov

WBDE Human Rights and Ethics Panel


2005 Oct WBDE Human Rights and Ethics Panel letter to Dr Armand Casolin, HealthQuest. Supporting teacher [name withheld at this time] in her endeavours to return to teaching in Department of Education and Training NSW. Issues: Forced psychiatric/medical processes. "Trespass" "Assault". Dr Casolin [suddenly?] no longer in HealthQuest. Replacement Dr Peter Dodwell. (Continuing)
2005 July to Oct

Procedural Fairness Panels investigate and deem TAFE and HealthQuest decisions and actions to be Null and Void.


2005 May Preliminary letters from our Human Rights and Ethics Panel 2 members had been prepared and sent out to [list confidential at this stage]. (Continuing)

2005 April

Conferences with various Australian and overseas members re best presentation of W’s case. Documents. (Continuing)

2005 Feb

Support to teacher P. (Continuing)
2005 Conferences with various Australian and overseas members. Primary Projects initially: HealthQuest and NSW Dept Health Medical Appeals Panel, Psychiatry used against dissidents, Procedural Fairness/Natural Justice, Human Rights and Ethics. (Continuing)